Special Offer

Have you ever dealt with a hip issue? Maybe just general pain, or you feel like you have tightness in your hips.

I am offering a for you to be apart of my 8-week clinical study of the beautiful synovial joint that we call hips. This special offer will cost you nothing but your own time, and patience 

With my 500 hours teacher training in progress, I completed my 60-hour hip module just this past May, and I would like to find a few clients or students to follow a course of 8 weeks. Each week we meet just once and during the week you and I will work together to find ways to learn and understand what it is that you are personally dealing with. Whether it is that you deal with a simple pain or a had a hip replacement I am here to learn from you and hopefully help guide you in the right direction. 

The first session will be about an assessment to find out where we can start and where you are starting from. From there it is just a matter of developing the one on one relationship through the course of the 2 months. At the end, I will review my notes with you and maybe we will have found some relief or a learned lesson for us both. 

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