Happiness and Finally Reaching for It

Every day our minds chatter, we spin thoughts around, scan our to-do list, and constantly there are things we think about. 

We all have different things going on in our lives daily. Each and every one of us battles a different battle and at the end of the day the important part really comes down to how do we keep cool in while we go through the ebb and flow?

For me, yoga is one way to physically work out the stressing factors of life. I am a pretty active person and movement is a good way for me personally to work things out in my head. It is like taking my medicine that clears my mind to get me to focus on what is in front of me. 

This concept may however not be for everyone, but it has taught me that it is not the only way to find gold at the end of the rainbow. The happiness that we all search for comes from simply living the moment. Worrying about what there is to do next and checking off the never ending check list is not what I am talking about. Instead of multitasking through our day attempting to get those things done, taking a moment to just slow down and just being present. Present in what we are doing in each moment, whether it be washing the dishes and focusing on that task or just being with those that surround us instead of looking at our phones. Analysing yesterday's conflicts or what the next thing to do is takes away from this very moment that you are in. Figuring out how to just be here right now doing what we are doing and just focusing on that is a huge step to happiness and releasing our minds from stress. 

I recently read the latest Time Magazine The Science to Happiness and I found this issue to be wonderfully put together. And One of the many things they mentioned was being happier meant less multitasking. If you have a moment to just take a break. Try sitting and closing your eyes. Rest you hands in your lap and just focus on your breath. You can think, you can let the body do what it needs to do, but your goal here is to just let yourself focus on being right here right now. Giving your mind a task of focusing on your breath makes these 3-5 minutes go by easier. Notice how your breath feels, how fast it is or even how the breath feels going in and out of your nostrils. Once you have had enough take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. Notice how you felt with just relaxing and focusing on jut this task. Taking this concept and using it with the mundane tasks we do daily may just be that helpful step towards your gold at the end of your rainbow. 

Let their be rainy days, for conflicts and negative things happen and there is nothing we can really do to change how these things come our way. What we can do is focus on why we can smile and choosing to be happy. That in this very moment your think you have everything you need in life instead of dwelling on the negative. We choose our thoughts and our thoughts create an imprint on our bodies right down to the cells. We carry ourselves differently when we carry the negative headspace around with us, we interact with others based on those internal thoughts. In the end, you reap what you sow. So if you want happiness then smile and look at that beautiful sky whether it is cloudy and grey or sunny and bright it is alway a constant beauty.

I am by no means saying that this task is easy. It is my biggest challenge personally but I solely believe that it is what matters in the end for the sake of personal happiness. Try to notice how your thoughts come an go daily, how you are in the moment, or not. It is food for thought. 

Meditation complements this goal well and really shines a light on what we feel and think and do. If you are curious about more and would like to have a private consultation on how to happily meditate contact me. I would love to work with you. 


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